Self Government with Union

The Mighty Works of God: Self Government with Union

By Ruth J. Smith

The Mighty Works of God: Self Government with Union identifies the truth that individual self government must precede local self government. Individual self government operating in the family, applied in the church, and extended into the local community was the basis for local, self governing states. These individual, self governing states eventually united as one nation under God.

The principles of individual self government and local self government are derived from Scripture, specifically the two great commandments Christ gave in the New Testament. The Student Text and Teacher’s Guide focus on these ideas.

Self Government with Union traces the challenges faced as individuals and the nation sought to follow Christ’s two great commandments, giving evidence of God’s Hand ruling in the affairs of men and nations.

• Providential View
• Middle Upper Elementary Age
• 236 Pages
• Full Color
• Beautifully Illustrated
• Paper Bound

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ISBN  978-0-9801563-4-8

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