Ralph Bullard’s Review of Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations

Ralph Bullard – CHA Headmaster 1973 – 2006

CHA Ambassador 2006-2013

My first exposure to America’s Christian history was in 1974 at the third annual Plymouth Rock Foundation Seminar in Plymouth, Massachusetts.   I was kept in a state of shock throughout the seminar as I was introduced to the Providential view of history and the evidence of the Biblical foundations of our American Christian Republic.  I learned of America’s founding from the original historical writings, historic monuments and other evidences of our country’s Christian heritage.   As a result of this introduction to America’s Christian History, our school Christian Heritage Academy has from its early beginning embraced the Biblical principles upon which the world’s first Christian Republic was founded.

Later Mrs. Ruth Smith, President of the Pilgrim Institute, and Mr. Jim Rose, President of American Christian Institute, became my two primary teachers of the Biblical principles of American Christian history and government; and they are the primary teachers of this study guide.  The Biblical view of government, the Providential view of history, and the Principles of America’s Christian history and government which I was taught by these two outstanding Master Teachers are carefully and powerfully reproduced in this study guide.

These principles have been taught at Christian Heritage for the past thirty-eight years.  I have found that this new guide Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations is excellent for presenting the founding principles of America’s Christian history and government.  I have used the DVDs, study guide and Leader’s Guide personally in teaching new school personnel.  As expected, the materials are excellent for the introduction of the concepts.  I believe the material will be equally effective in small groups or the classroom.

Not only my life, but the ministry of a highly respected Christian school has been impacted by the teaching of these principles.  I strongly recommend this educational package.