Hearts at Home Review

The Mighty Works of God
History by Pilgrim Institute 

Review of “The Mighty Works of God” by Pilgrim Institute
Review by Hearts at Home Mom Bridgette Taylor

A Child’s History of the United States of America
A Providential History series for the Home and School, that the boys and girls of the 21st Century might remember the mighty works of God in bringing forth this nation

“The Mighty Works of God” by Ruth J. Smith is one of the most unique history curricula I have come across. The program is for early to middle elementary aged students, which I take to mean 1st- 4th grade, but a student in 5th or 6th grade who needs extra help in history will find it extremely beneficial. This program consists of 3 separate books entitled “Self Government,” “Liberty and Justice for All,” and “Divine Providence” respectively. Unlike other programs, these books are not meant to be read chronologically. Rather, each book contains a complete history, from the beginning of America’s history to present day, but each book presents the information to a more appropriate degree according to your student’s level of comprehension. This is perfect for those families who are teaching a wide age group at the same time.

As the student progresses through the books, more stories and details are added. One volume by itself can be considered a complete U.S. history curriculum, but all three together compliment each other providing a rich current of information. The brightly colored, fully illustrated pages bring the stories to life, and also help to solidify the students understanding of the material. The Teacher’s Guide is well written, easy to follow, and full of supplemental information for each lesson. Also included in the Teacher’s Guide is a CD-ROM which contains all of the printable worksheets, maps, charts, coloring pages, etc.

My favorite part of this curriculum is that it follows not only our historical timeline, but also, the timeline of the spread of Christianity in America. Through “The Mighty Works of God” the student learns that the building blocks of our great nation were laid upon a biblical foundation. The formation of the United States of America is seen through the eyes of Christ and the Christian men and women who worked so hard to bring His plan into fruition. If you are looking for a way to teach U.S. History from a biblical perspective, a way to teach U.S. History to a broad range of elementary grades, or even just a better understanding of how our nation was built, then you have found it. Smith’s “The Mighty Works of God,” put out by Bradford Press, is a complete, Christ-based American History curriculum that is sure to provide a well-rounded education to students of all ages.